Our mission is to provide all the tools you need to have a really great ride, day in and day out. We know your time at the barn is sacred, and have designed our performance training amenities to help foster your love for our beautiful sport.

We’ve built Copper Light Farm with training in mind. You and your horse are athletes and we’re here to help you train like and develop that way. Your equine athlete will thank you for the ideal footing, conditioning hill (coming soon), room to hack and therapy boots provided post-ride.

Our rider athletes will enjoy a climate controlled lounge with view of the arena and a large screen monitor with the action streaming live. Now your support team will never miss a ride with a view from their seat out of the elements. Training headsets provided for each ride with optional performance record keeping dictated along the ride by your coach. Want to kick it up a notch? We’ll record your session so you can review your ride just like pro athletes do.

Further enhance with additional training opportunities organized by Copper Light including yoga, pilates, performance coaching, bit fitting sessions, saddle fitting and rider posture clinics. We’re here to support your mind and body as we take this equestrian adventure together.

– Air-conditioned tack room with client refrigerator/freezer
– Tack cleaning station with hot and cold water
– Laundry service provided plus use of machines
– Use of ice and therapy boots available
– Ample room for client equipment
– Climate controlled lounge with beverage stocked kitchen, coffee bar, sound system and large screen monitor of the arena live-feed


** Some features coming in 2020

  • Lesson/ride filming for performance review
  • Performance record keeping with lesson notes dictated and provided by trainer
  • Communications headsets provided for training rides
  • Conditioning hill
  • GGT footing
  • Climate controlled viewing lounge with sound system, kitchen and large screen TV showcasing the arena live-feed
  • Training studio