NoShout Freestyle Beat


Two way communication for rider and trainer!


Ride to the beat of your freestyle-music!
The new NoShout FreeStyle Beat allows the rider and the coach to communicate in two directions without the push of a button. In addition, it is possible to connect to the transmitter via an aux- connection, eg. a telephone from which e.g. kür-music can be played in the background of the coach’s instructions. Only the rider and the coach hear the music!
The rider has a receiver with a short antenna that allows the device to be placed comfortably on a belt or in a pocket.
The device has top-quality sound and long-range (>200m).
Height- and side adjustable, padded mono headphone make it particularly comfortable to carry. In addition, the microphone has wind protection to reduce possible background noise.
An unlimited number of receivers can be connected to the transmitter, so the device is also ideal for larger groups.
Feel the Beat!
The complete delivery includes: transmitter, receiver, two headphones with microphones, dual mini- USB wall charger, dual USB car charger, two mini- USB charging cables, audio cable, and a handy storage case.



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