Horse management is a full team affair, and we’re proud to offer the best support professionals in the area to help maintain the health and wellness of our beloved equines.



Our equine partners are true athletes and can all benefit from the restoration of a good chiropractic adjustment. Ask us to schedule your session with the area’s top equine chiropractors.



Routine dental care is essential to your horseā€™s health and comfort during a ride. Our skilled Equine Dentist will keep him or her in top form.



No hoof, no horse. We’ve all heard it before because it’s so true. Never has it been truer than in unpredictable Florida. Our fantastic farriers will keep your horses feet in top shape.

We are happy to schedule, maintain and hold your horse during farrier appointments if requested.


Regular maintenance massage aids in maintaining and promoting flexibility throughout the body, horse or human! By releasing tight fibers within the muscles and removing lactic acid build up to the muscle, allowing oxygen and fresh blood to flow to the area which in turn strengthens the muscle. Book monthly sessions with us at a discounted rate.

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