No hoof, no horse. We’ve all heard it before because it’s so true. Never has it been truer than in unpredictable Florida. Our fantastic farriers will keep your horses feet in top shape.

We are happy to schedule, maintain and hold your horse during farrier appointments if requested.

Steve is our go-to guy at Copper Light for top quality shoeing. From special needs to Grand Prix legends, Steve keeps our horses’ feet in top condition. With an uncanny ability to notice slight gait irregularities, he has helped improve the performance of all of our horses under his care. He also works in harmony with our veterinary team to assess each horse and shoe based on their unique conformation and potential weaknesses. And even while he is renowned for his expertise and tends to top quality horses daily, both Steve and his apprentice, Gracie, also show extreme patience for young horses learning to stand quietly for the farrier or older souls who need a little time when picking up their feet. We are so grateful to have Steve and Gracie supporting the horses here at Copper Light!

A journeyman farrier by trade with decades of experience, Clint will keep your horse’s feet in top form. His expert eye will balance, shape and protect and improve your horse’s important hooves. Experience with specialty cases and shoeing needs.

Prompt and professional with years of experience in performance shoeing, specialty shoeing and lamanitic hooves. Daryl is always patient and will keep your horses feet healthy no matter the challenge.


Your choice of farrier is your own –
all service providers are welcome here at Copper Light!

We are also happy to regularly see visits from Florida Farrier Service, Randall’s Farrier Service, Wendy Jordan Hoofcare, and Barry!