Regular maintenance massage aids in maintaining and promoting flexibility throughout the body, horse or human! By releasing tight fibers within the muscles and removing lactic acid build up to the muscle, allowing oxygen and fresh blood to flow to the area which in turn strengthens the muscle. Book monthly sessions with us at a discounted rate.

MEL HITCHCOCK – Mel’s Equestrian Services

Mel Hitchcock with Mel’s Equestrian Services is a certified Equine Massage Therapist for 5 years through Equissage and Animal Dynamics. She has helped around 200 horses through specific techniques to help their muscles release tension and to assist them in performing at a greater level. Her massage techniques can be used as a preventative measure by assisting with overall better blood circulation and flexibility within the muscles as well as creating a happier horse! She works on athletes, retired performance horses, the backyard horse, and any horse who just needs a little love especially the ones who have been abused. Touch is a powerful way that horses communicate with each other, and she uses that to build a stronger relationship between the owner and the horse. Contact Mel on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @melsequestrianservices to learn more about what she can do for you and your horse.48376410_2066244133443498_7024260644278894592_o

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