You can usually find Copper Light’s founder with a pitch fork or treat in hand tending to the horses at the farm. Her vision for Copper Light Farm arose from a desire for performance training in Vero Beach that would compliment the other stellar facilities in the area.

A native of Mountain View, California, you could say she’s a long way from home. Going from one popular equestrian state to the next, she’s had the privilege in riding in a variety of barns and environments which rounded her expectations of the property she wanted to create. Copper Light is a seamless blend of function and comfort. Our amenities and facilities are the product of years of thoughtful contemplation, resulting in an ideal equestrian center to enhance every ride.

With an early start in eventing, Lindsey now firmly keeps her feet on the ground and trains in dressage. When she pursued her BA in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at  Northeastern University in Boston, she set out to find an eventing barn to keep up her training but landed at Grandview Dressage just outside the city. That was it, she was hooked.

The thrill of communicating with your horse to achieve a balance between thoroughness and forward power is anything but simple. She intends to spend a lifetime enjoying the pursuit of that balance. When she founded a dressage boutique in 2016, the adventure led her ringside to the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. The pure joy of watching top pairs perform their freestyle under the lights further fueled the fire.

The Horses

Lindsey’s 2011 Hannoverian, Fortunatus, was unfortunately retired early but he remains a very willing product tester. You can find Fritzy pushing bell boots, blankets, halters and buckets to their limits in his retirement field at the farm. Feel free to give him a scratch or a treat from the snack bar – you’ll have a friend for life!

Her new partner, Grey Fantastic (affectionately dubbed Cotton), is a green 2016 Grey Flannell x Foundation gelding. Follow along with his training journey on our Instagram!


Family Ties

Copper Light would not have been possible without the support of her family. Lindsey’s parents, Dan and Judy Auclair, may not always have envisioned the same path she did, but they continually supported her through this endeavor and it is with extreme gratitude that the farm is named for them.

Family appreciation. From left; Lindsey Auclair, her brother Kyle, mom Judy and father Dan at Judy’s 65th birthday bash at the Auclair residence in California.
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