Copper Light was designed with comfort, performance and convenience in mind. So it’s no question that you can expect exceptional care of your equine partner and thoughtful amenities for our riders.

We are honored to be entrusted with your horse and we’re thrilled to elevate the standard of care. Customized feeding, tailored turnout, blanketing and booting is just the beginning of our comprehensive full board. Each horse is inspected daily with their legs checked, hooves picked and bodies brushed or hosed from turnout while performing a visual inspection. We know you can’t always make it to the barn for every appointment, so holding for the vet or farrier is our pleasure.

Our full board is comprehensive so that you can be confident your horse is being looked after thoroughly.


  • Basic medical care including wrapping and applying medications to wounds
  • Digital scheduling and equine record keeping
  • 24hr staff on premises
  • Blanketing as needed
  • Fly spray and boots/gear application for turnout
  • Three meals per day fully customized with choices of high quality grain and hay
  • Feeding of client provided supplements or medications
  • Feet picked and dressed plus light brushing or hosing when returning from turnout
  • Blanket washing and seasonal storage
  • Waterers cleaned and maintained daily
  • Stalls bedded with ample Aubiose hemp shavings and cleaned multiple times a day
  • Customized turnout schedule, day or night
  • Daily inspection of horse
  • Regular sanitization
  • Scheduling and handling for farrier
  • Scheduling and handling for routine veterinary care
  • Trailer parking


  • Walking / lunging / exercising
  • Lessons and training
  • Full or partial grooming packages
  • Tacking and grooming available on-demand
  • Access to arena live-feed
  • Scheduling and handling for massage, chiropractic, dental, photshoots, etc.
  • Clipping, mane and tail maintenance, grooming, washing
  • Care services from ice boots to poultice wrapping
  • Clinicians
  • Show coaching
  • Trailering
  • Trailer cleaning


  • Lesson/ride filming for performance review
  • NoShout headsets available for lessons with CLF trainers
  • Performance record keeping with lesson notes dictated and provided by trainer
  • All weather geotextile footing, groomed and watered daily
  • Haygain steamer
  • Respond Systems Luminex Pro Laser, a Class 3b Cold Laser

We are proud to feed a variety of feeds and high quality, consistent Hays. Some of our grains currently on the menu include top formulations from Tribute, Hygain, Buckeye Nutrition, Hallway, Purina, Nutrena, Triple Crown and Sentinel. We always offer Platinum Performance supplements with EnviroEquine omegas for your convenience and we’re happy to modify your horses feed and supplements as needed.