At our picturesque multi-discipline training facility, you will find top of the line amenities with an abundance of conveniences for horse and rider. The facility was designed with performance athletes in mind and to that end, we are proud to offer and represent these exceptional brands.

Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider. Thanks to its innovative padding design, we see improved spread of pressure from the rider across the horse’s back while optimizing the saddle’s dynamism.  Copper Light chose to partner with Devoucoux for their perfection to detail, feel between horse and rider, and innovative design that produced the lightest saddles we’ve ever sat in.

Kingsley boots are designed by riders for riders. Their 3D configurator experience allows the rider to become his or her own designer. With over 300 different kinds of leather, a varied selection of Swarovski crystals, all kinds of studs and buckles in distinct colors, they have the largest selection of customizable elements to choose from. All custom boots are made to order and carefully assembled with the finest materials available – with the quickest turnaround time in the industry!

Neue Schule is the world’s leading specialist in bitting technology, and our preferred choice for just about every horse we’ve ever sat on. Their thoughtful and unique designs put the horse’s comfort and our tactful conversations with their mouths at the forefront. While the shape of their bits are revolutionary, Neue Schule’s Salox Gold is also a revelation which is warm and soft in the horse’s mouth, creating relaxation. From material to shape, they base all designs on a simple philosophy – that which is good for the horse is all that matters – the rest will follow. We couldn’t agree more.

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Forever on the hunt for the perfect headset unit, we were pleased as punch to find NoShout. Theirs is the only system on the market that can pair multiple rider units with a trainer and also allow two way communication. Crystal clear audio, phenomenal battery life and easy to use design are also among our favorite features. They’ve recently released a new system that allows multiple riders to use two way communication with wireless headsets – a first of it’s kind! We use our NoShout headsets for every clinic and they are available to boarders for lessons. Soon available for purchase in the barn office.

For over 35 years, HYGAIN feeds have been perfected with painstaking attention to every detail. Their revolutionary cooking processes enhance nutritional value, improve palatability, increase feed efficiency, and reduce digestive disorders. HYGAIN is made in an equine-only manufacturing facility for product purity with no cross- contamination. Each feed is formulated to deliver optimal health, outstanding condition, and balanced temperament. Our horses that have transitioned to HYGAIN feeds have absolutely blossomed.