We will help you find your perfect match. Take advantage of our wide network and let us help you find your next partner.

Ready to shop for your horse but don’t know where to start or who to trust? Let our proven professionals help! We will help you find your dream horse.

Why work with us?

We can help you find your perfect match in North America, Europe or South America. Copper Light Farm has an extensive network of farms, trainers, breeders and private owners in the US and Europe who we have successfully worked with. A lot of time and effort put in to curate the right contacts as it is incredibly important that we know the background of a horse and know that the horse has been produced fairly. We pride ourselves on matching horses to have the best possible future with their new owners. We will help you find your perfect match in skill and temperament.

How it works:

Whether you’re looking for a $6000 prospect or a $60,000 schoolmaster, we’re here to help.

Situated just an hour and a half from Wellington and three hours from Ocala, we’re in a prime location for shopping the active Floridian horse sales market. We’re also happy to act as your agent from here and try horses on your behalf, videoing and communicating along the way, or journey with you around the country to other trusted farms to find the right mount.

Ready to import? We know it can be hard to know where to start or who to trust. Let us take the reins and make the process of buying from overseas an easy one. We have a trusted network in Europe to lean on. From selection, test riding with video, thorough pre purchase exams and arranging transit and import, you can leave it all with us!

Personal Approach to Vettings

When we find the horse that you think could be the one, either in Europe or the US, we will arrange the pre purchase exam with one of our trusted veterinarians. Each horse will receive a standard 5 stage pre-purchase vetting and the buyer may choose additional options or xray views if needed. We are happy to be on hand for vettings.

Clear Expectations

Copper Light Farm works on a basis of 5% commission on the selling price of the horse with a minimum of $1000 commission upon successful purchase. We are incredibly open and honest about prices and will always negotiate on your behalf. We want you to find the right partner, and will work exhaustively to that end. If the right horse happens to be the least expensive option, we will do a little jig with you!

A day charge is assessed for shopping trips. We charge a $500 day fee for trials and travel within Florida. This covers the work to arrange the trip, travel fees and extras.

Some of our shopping success stories…

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