Horse management is a full team affair, and we’re proud to offer the best support professionals in the area to help maintain the health and wellness of our beloved equines.

Amenities for performance

Come see the Copper Light difference for yourself. At our picturesque twenty acre training facility you’ll find top of the line amenities, ample room to ride and an abundance of conveniences for you and your horse.

From our 300×130 all weather arena to our hurricane wind rated and fireproof barns, every feature was designed with performance in mind. Take a look at our full list of amenities that are available when you call Copper Light your home.

Welcome to Copper Light Farm

Copper Light was created with the comfort and convenience of horse and rider in mind. From our 300×130 arena to the hurricane rated barns, the difference is in the details. Visit our idyllic twenty acre training center in Vero Beach to see the Copper Light difference.

Thoughtful Training

We’re excited to offer the perfect setting for reaching your goals, big or small. Horse sports may seem like an individual endeavor, be we all know that the right support team is crucial. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a variety of training tools and access to some of Florida’s top coaches.

Performance Amenities

Our mission is to provide all the tools you need to have a really great ride, day in and day out. We know your time at the barn is sacred, and have designed our performance training amenities to help foster your love for our beautiful sport.

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