Copper Light’s Programs and Facilities Director has a drive for excellence which is apparent in the pristine condition of our farm.

Billy’s dedication for excellence started with a long career in baseball. That drive carried over into marketing with several successful retail and brand founding endeavors. As a non-rider, he was involuntarily sucked into the whirlwind of horses and is enjoying the challenge.

He still finds time to get out on the water and enjoys sportfishing off the Florida coast and the Bahamas.

IMG_3665A true sportsman, he’s hones his skill and expertise with relentless study, practice and dedication.

His passion for performance helped to shape and inspire the core values at Copper Light. As a former professional pitcher, he is no stranger to long hours honing his craft. He was able to develop his form and talent with access to some of baseball’s top training and recovery tools and coaches. That whole picture analytical approach served him well during his time on the mound and it is carried over into the way we can help promote our abilities as riders here at Copper Light Farm.

Facilities Oversight
Billy is also responsible for the oversight of our facilities, expansion and performance amenities.