It’s no secret that we are HUGE fans of communications headsets for trainer. Why miss something your coach says when you have the option to hear it in crystal clear perfection? That’s where NoShout comes in!

When I tell you that I have tried all the things, I sincerely mean I have tried allllll the thiiiiings. Ceecoach, WHIS, Eartech, the discontinued version from One K, Comtek. All of ’em. There are things I like and don’t like about each system, but nothing was ever quite right. Here are the things I wanted from the perfect headsets:

  • Super clear audio
  • Decent range, nothing wild but at least more than an arena’s length
  • Two way communication, ie both the trainer and rider can hear each other speak
  • For clinic days we really wanted multiple riders to be able to connect to avoid awkward handoff between riders
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Durability

Okay so admittedly, it’s a big wishlist, but it was difficult to just find a system that had consistent good audio. When hosting dozens of clinics a year, it was important to me to find a system that multiple riders couple be connected to the coach system simultaneously. Not necessarily so that the coach could talk to everyone at once (although we also use it this way), but more so that each rider could be ready to roll as soon as they entered the arena. No awkward handoff of the headset from the first rider to the second. Obviously there are quite a few sets that allow multiple riders to connect, but none that included good two way communication between coach and rider. Enter NoShout.

NoShout has a wide variety of systems tailored to rider preferences and the perfect one for us was the OneLine system. From NoShout, “the transmitter can be connected to a limitless number of receivers, so the device is ideally suited even for larger groups.” Couple that with a 400 meter range and insane ease of use. Oh my heart.

The team at NoShout was absolutely amazing to work with. I found the company via a tagged post on instagram (gosh I love social sometimes), and immediately messaged them to ask a zillion questions. They were kind and patient and sent us a fully connected set of six two way receivers and one trainer transmitter. They were basically ready to go right out of the box, and they even had everything labeled and included extra earpieces. Bonus!

A year and a half of daily use later, we’re still so pleased with our NoShouts. They work seamlessly during regular lessons, jump schools and full day clinics. I was even more pleased to realize that they’ve introduced even more amazing system packages since we first found them! Gotta love innovation. We’re particularly in love with the FreeStyle Beat, which allows you to connect to audio from another device like your phone so that rider and coach can listen to your freestyle music while you practice. Genius! This summer they’ve just introduced the Sonic – the smallest two way receiver ever on the market! It’s really remarkable at only 20 grams and super comfortable to wear. They’ve thought of everything.

With my absolute adoration of their range, it should be no surprise that we are over the moon giddy to partner with NoShout! We’re so lucky to work with such wonderful brands that consistently deliver products that make a meaningful impact in our daily lives. We are happy to report that we now have ready to use systems available right here at the farm for purchase – you don’t have to DM them like a stalker to order from Finland like I did! On hand we have the FreeStyle Beat, Sonic, and Rapide. We also have additional Rapide headsets available so trainers you can have each student get their own headset and always be prepared! We’ve added them to our shop for convenience, and please don’t hesitate to call, message or stop by to chat about the systems.

I can’t thank NoShout enough for their support and am so excited to share the experience with you all!

Drop a comment if you want to see a full review and comparison of all the other headset brands.

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