We are thrilled to welcome a bevvy of world class equestrians to the farm this winter, including renowned horsemanship expert Cliff Schadt!

Cliff focuses on developing horses for anywhere from the ranch to the Grand Prix. Drawing on experiences with horseman such as Martin Black, Craig Cameron, and Pat Parelli, Cliff has built a solid program that tailors to fit horses and humans of any age, discipline, and skill level. The 2021 SEFHA Colt Starting Champion, Cliff’s core belief is that when we make a horse feel safe and confident, we can build a solid foundation to ensure success for the rest of the horse’s career. “Rhythm creates Relaxation, Rhythm and Relaxation together create Understanding”

There’s just something about a real cowboy that helps a horse find their confidence, so it’s no surprise that top dressage and jump riders are seeking out master horsemen like Cliff to help start their young horses and give them the best foundation possible, as well as develop deeper bonds with horses already in training. Cliff and his team offer a variety of training options during clinics; from colt starting to advanced applied horsemanship. So there is something for everyone to learn and develop that you can take with you to every horse you ride.

Interested in working with Cliff when he’s at Copper Light? Email ride@copperlightfarm.com or call 772-212-1328

Here’s a little bit about what you can expect from working with Cliff at our clinic this winter:

Intro to Horsemanship

Take both horse and rider to new levels of performance. This session is designed for the developing horse and rider team. Participants will begin with ground work exercises to develop communication, balance, and leadership with their equine partner. Participants will then continue their experience by transitioning these fundamentals to under saddle work that will advance performance across any discipline by developing rhythm, balance, and understanding.

Applied Horsemanship

Building on Solid Foundations. This session is designed for experienced horse and rider teams who are looking to sharpen their skills to further develop their horses. This session is more tailored to the group needs as horses begin to diversify in their chosen fields of performance. From masters of the trail to the grand prix this session is designed to integrate more advanced maneuvers while still integrating the foundations of horsemanship and clear, fair communication.

Foundations of English Riding

Improving performance with Rhythm, Balance, and Understanding. This session is designed to improve riders of all levels across English riding disciplines. Improve your communication skills and send clearer messages to your equine partner while instilling confidence in both horse and rider.

Foundations of Cowhorse Riding

Giving purpose to arena work. Horses thrive when they have a job to focus on. Cow work provides meaning to maneuvers and skills practiced in “dry” work. This encourages free, determined movement and learning from the horse instead of traditional arena drilling.

Colt Starting

Need a confident first ride for your young horse? We specialize in preparing and developing horses for their first experiences with a rider. Let us set a great foundation for you to follow up on.

Have several horses that need to be started? Not a Problem! Want them to have a solid foundation to grow off of? Even better. We offer custom colt start options to provide young horses with the best options to be successful in any future discipline. Let us tailor our approach to fit your program!

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