Dear Santa…

A quick round up of some of our very favorite products from some of our very favorite brands – most of which are having killer holiday sales! Tis the season for new bling! Happy holidays, y’all ♥


Teigan’s Pick: Essential Schooling Girth
She uses this girth on everyone!

15% Off this Black Friday!
*We get bonus goodies if you order through the farm!


Lindsey’s Pick: Vestrum Syracuse Full Grip Breeches.

20% Off this Black Friday!
My Breeches .com


Teigan’s Pick: All things Eskadron

20% Off this Black Friday!
My Breeches .com


High Caliber Belt in Tan

Quality leather goods handmade in Florida

15% Off this Black Friday
with code CopperLight


Lindsey’s Pick: Multi Teq Boots

Custom or stock, these are my go-to boot for everyday riding. The essentials version is also super for turnout!

15% Off this Black Friday!
*We get bonus goodies if you order through the farm!

Class 3b Cold Laser Therapy Now Available

We are so thrilled to add Class 3b Cold Laser Therapy to our program with the Luminex from Respond Systems!

Equine Cold Laser Therapy or Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a painless treatment that uses clinically tested wavelengths of light to stimulate natural biological processes leading to faster healing and pain relief.  Like plants absorbing sunlight through photosynthesis, cells in the body absorb laser energy that stimulates the body to release pain relieving compounds, increases circulation and energizes the cells to participate in the healing process.  There are no side effects and many times laser therapy can take the place of pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat long-term, degenerative diseases.

Laser Therapy can help reduce inflammation and pain in addition to accelerate healing.

Laser Therapy can be used on a weekly basis for prevention and in conjunction with massage and chiropractic sessions to help keep top-performance horses in elite condition.

Acute conditions can be resolved with just a few treatments however it is not unusual for a chronic condition to require a number of treatments over a period of several weeks. Most treatments take from 15-30 minutes and are completely pain-free for the patient. In fact, depending on the condition, some horses experience immediate relief.

Optimal treatment protocols are a direct result of the veterinarian or therapist knowing the horse and responding to that animal’s unique condition and needs. We do provide protocol guidelines and are available seven days a week to answer any treatment inquiries as it relates to your horse’s specific condition.

Laser Therapy can be used either as a preventative to injury, especially for animals involved in competition, or to treat specific conditions such as:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Tendon and Ligament Tears
  • Joint Conditions
  • Neurologic Injuries
  • Suspensory tears (soft tissue injury)
  • Stifle Injury
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Laminitis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • SI Pain
  • Tying Up
  • Kissing Spine
  • Superficial Flexor Tendon
  • Capped Elbow
  • Wounds and more

How critical is wavelength to the effectiveness of laser therapy?

Wavelength is one of the most critical factors when it comes to the efficacy of laser therapy.  Varying wavelengths exhibit a variety of therapeutic effects depending where they fall on the spectrum, and, in some cases, no therapeutic effect at all!

Respond Systems has conducted years of research in the lab and in the field and uses proven wavelengths to achieve the following effects on the cellular level:

  • – 670nm visible red light: optimal efficacy for wound healing and dermatology.
  • – 808nm near infrared light: ideal for surface conditions and those just under the surface of the skin.
  • – 904nm near infrared light: maximum depth of penetration to reach the conditions deeper inside the body.

Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season!

One of my very most favorite things about the holidays is the added bonus of supporting small businesses for gifting. It makes such a difference to local vendors and smaller brands, and is much more personal than that waffle iron on Amazon.

Rumor has it that shipping and production delays are going to be a bit of a bear this year, so we thought we would share some of our favorite finds from small and local businesses that we’ve personally added to the farm, gifted or received and LOVED. Perfect gifting awaits you! Fa la laaaaaa

We are not sponsored or receive any promotions from these brands other than Devoucoux, we just love these items!

Anything from SP Rhodes

I’ve had a long relationship with boutique branding firm SP Rhodes. They’ve helped with logo design, tack shop signage, saddle pads, awards, gifts, stall plates, barn signage and a full custom barn map dry erase board. I’ve been thrilled with every item we’ve received! 10/10 will order (lots) more.

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Tack Room Studio Whip Rack

Customize with their barn name or a cute expression, it’s functional AND a daily reminder of how sweet you are! Tack Room Studio offers multiple sizes and stains, plus oodles of coordinating items like this saddle stand!

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Anique Sun Shirts

It’s no secret that we love our Anique sun shirts. They’re just soooo cooozzyy. The fabric is so soft it doesn’t make sense, the colors are on trend and the cut is always flattering. If anyone is asking, I’m dying to add the ‘night’ color to my collection!

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Milk & Honeybell Bakery Cookies

(Or anything else they make for that matter) Part of our client gifts last year included these phenomenal cookies from local small baker milk & honeybell. They’re SO GOOD. We’ve also sampled some pastries and sourdough and have yet to be let down. Ordering available from Tuesdays on, follow their Instagram for the best updates.

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Kingfour Faux Antler Rack

So in round two of barn updates, I wanted a fun bridle cleaning station hanger for the south barn. I bought one of these faux antler racks as a test and loved it so much I got a second one for our home. The house rack is bronze (which is decidedly my favorite) and this one in the barn is black with rose gold tips, which is also pretty and many colors are available. It’s so simple, but so unexpected and fun! What’s life without a little whimsy?

Shown here with a custom saddle rack by Saddle Stackers holding a Devoucoux Biarritz Lab

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Devoucoux Bridle

Have you ever met an equestrian who wouldn’t be thrilled with the gift of tack? We thought not. We’re absolutely over the moon with our Devoucoux saddles and gear and can highly recommend their quality and comfort. Next on this rider’s wishlist is a blingy Harmonie bridle to match my saddle bling, but they also come in hunter, figure eight and other models. So much to love.

If you have any Devoucoux questions, reach out to Lindsey or Teigan and we’ll put you in touch with our wonderful rep Chloe!

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Highland Design Co Raised Dog Feeder

I like to think that our danes appreciate the elegance of their new custom stained water bowl, but if they don’t – I sure do! The seller was kind enough to customize the height, stain in their signature blend and adjust from the standard (and more chic) porcelain bowls to more basic stainless steel bowls for my dogs. Love this!

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Custom Wood Slice Bridle Hooks

I knew EXACTLY what I wanted in the tack room for saddle and bridle storage, but not many people could see my vision. I’m pleased to say that both came out better than I had imagined! This Etsy vendor kindly made samples and customized the bridle hooks to my specifications. I’m happy every time I see them.

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Fairfax & Favor Belts and Boots

I became an instant fan the first time I laid eyes on a pair of Fairfax & Favor boots jogging in a trot up. It’s no secret that we Floridians don’t get often get to enjoy the type of fall layering that normally comes with suede boots, but fret not! They also have super cute ankle boots, drivers, belts and an amazing bag collection.

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The gift of experience….


Who doesn’t love a riding lesson?! If you said you don’t, you might be in the wrong place, ‘cause around here we like to learn! The gift of a lesson with a good coach is such a wonderful treat. Some of our local favorites:

Teigan Mercer

Pam Sbarra

Claudia Tarlov

Meghan Michaels

Jackie Kinney


I’ve found that nearly all equestrians want riding or barn photos, but decidedly fewer are comfortable splurging on the experience. Why not take the guess work out of it for your favorite equestrian? A few photogs that we love:

Nicole Schultz / Boss Mare Media

Lauren Pitylak Fine Art

Erica Hills Photography