We are tickled pink to watch the expansion unfold at the farm this summer! It’s such a treat to see what started as a pipe dream actually come to life. We probably could have had better timing to build (hello hurricane season), but we’ve had fortunate weather so far and everything is right on schedule.

Scroll down for some behind the scenes shots from the construction zone, and visit our instagram story here for daily updates.


  • Fill Dirt | Jenkins Trucking
  • Land Prep | Dennis Kemph
  • Additional Road Prep | Dave Pittman
  • Fencing | Dirt Road Ag Services & Fence Pros of the Treasure Coast
  • Arena & Warehouse Manufacturer | Schulte Building Systems
  • Barn Manufacturer | MD Barns
  • Structure Installation | Marty Knapp
  • Electrician | Jeff Moneyhan Electric
  • Plumbing | Southern Plumbing
  • Irrigation | Jerry Stuckey
  • Concrete | MAK Concrete
  • Arena & Stall Footing | ESI Footing
  • Lighting | New York Lighting
  • Project Manager | Lindsey Auclair

We started with dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. 250 truckfuls to be precise. We raised pads for the new barn, covered arena, warehouse and parking lots. Jenkins Trucking provided our pad dirt and Dennis Kempf’s team expertly worked the earth.

After seeing nothing but trucks of dirt come in the driveway for weeks on end, it was quite exciting when it came time to set and pour the concrete footers for the covered arena. Mike and his crew at MAK engineered massive footers for our columns. This sucker isn’t going anywhere.

A new barn needs new paddocks, right? Emory at Dirt Road Ag Services set to work on our vision to maximize our space in the ‘back field’ to create thoughtful paddocks and lanes just adjacent to the covered arena. He has his work cut out for him as the grass grows a mile a minute during rainy season. We’re super impressed with his dedication, efficiency and craftsmanship thus far.

And then one day, as if by magic, the covered arena arrived. Unloading the two trucks from Schulte Building Systems stacked with steel was a task of itself which took two days. The team with our builder, Marty Knapp, stacked and organized the beautiful battleship grey iron beams and then, to my sheer delight, the first column was up! After a month of prep, it’s sure exciting when something actually goes into the ground. The crew has zoomed through the frame erection and are now placing the roofing beams. I think we’ll see some roof panels go up next week – stay tuned!

Ok so, the covered arena may have warranted its own post. Wow do a lot of steps go into this mammoth! We are in the final two days of footing installation and couldn’t be more psyched to see it all complete – and use it! The roof panels went on quickly and the electrician hurried out to hang lights before the footing work was under way. We still have to tweak those a bit but the nearly finished project is absolutely lovely!

We chose ESI footing for our arena and couldn’t be happier. What a professional team! They worked the sub base and installed amazing drainage rock for the base (I can’t say no to an upgrade) with sheeting between each layer. They’re now on the fifth truck of the fluffiest most wonderful pre-mixed silica/GGT you ever did see. I seriously want to do sand angels.


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